Mar 6 → Mar 20, 2020


Mar 6 → Mar 20, 2020

What’s included?

Hotel accommodations

Night parties

Open bar

Headline artist (limited weeks)

Party cruise

On-site support

Destination guide

Ft Lauderdale Weather

Expect average daytime highs around 80°F, and evening lows around 66°F. Ft. Lauderdale is humid in the spring so dress light during the day and bring a jacket for lower evening temperatures.

High / Low (°F)

March: 80° / 64°
April: 83° / 68°
May: 85° / 72°

Schools booked this year

Florida Gulf Coast University,
Stetson University,
Washington University in St Louis,
SUNY Geneseo,
University of Connecticut,
University of Pennsylvania,
Western Kentucky University,
Nova Southeastern University,
Georgia Institute of Technology

University of Florida,
East Carolina University,
Florida State University,
Bryant University,
Auburn University,
Loyola University Maryland,
University of Cincinnati,
University of Notre Dame,
Pennsylvania State University


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Ft Lauderdale FAQs

Is Ft Lauderdale a Good Vacation Spot?

A: Fort Lauderdale is one the most visited cities in the United States. Costal access to beautiful sandy shorelines makes Ft Lauderdale an attractive choice for travelers looking to relax by the water.

Can you drink alcohol on Fort Lauderdale beaches?

A: City officials do not permit alcoholic beverages on beaches in Ft Lauderdale. Save the boozing for the bars.

How far is the beach from Ft Lauderdale Airport?

A: Ft Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport is only 45 minutes from the beach. Hop off the plane and head straight to the beach to unwind.